Smart choices in evolving technologies

Mission and Values


IBS is a key technological partner for leading Russian businesses and government bodies. The company turns its team’s technological know-how and understanding of the current economic situation into innovative solutions which help its clients gain competitive advantage and reach better results in the digital age.

IBS is the experience gained from delivering thousands of projects and the understanding of developing trends in information technology. The company consistently seeks the most effective ideas and solutions in order to open up access to best practices from every industry and business for its clients’.

IBS – Smart choices in evolving technologies.

The Mission of IBS

We are the leader in our field. We contribute to the development of our clients' businesses and the Russian economy. We determine the development trajectory and standards in the high-tech industry and move at the forefront of positive transformation while changing the world for the better.

The Vision of IBS

Human intelligence and information technology play a key role in creating a comfortable and secure world, contributing to progress, economic development, an increased quality of life and the civilization of society.

The Values of IBS


We are self-confident and ready to overcome any obstacles to solve even the most complex problems. This confidence is based on our capabilities and real achievements, which allow us to make serious commitments, be responsible for the results of our work and to always remain victorious. We use the talent, knowledge and skills of our employees to achieve the goals set out before us.


We are constantly searching for thee new opportunities to achieve the best results. We invest in the advanced technology development and are the first to apply them in order to solve our clients' objectives. We develop and implement new ideas that change the world for the better.

Responsibility for the result

We consistently achieve our goals and fulfill our obligations according to the professional ethics standards. We create solutions that bring both our clients and the public a real benefit. Tangible achievements and results are the foundation of our leadership.